GenPride Strength & Balance

Boost Your Strength and Balance with GenPride’s Online Fitness Class

Embrace the power of movement and discover a new approach to holistic wellness with GenPride’s Strength and Balance class. This 40-minute online session is designed to integrate full-body strength, balance, and core-strengthening exercises in a supportive and accessible environment.

The exercises in this class focus on strengthening the major muscle groups of your body in both vertical and horizontal positions. We’ll challenge both your static and dynamic balance, enhancing your overall stability and physical confidence.

One of the unique aspects of our Strength and Balance class is that it’s tailored to suit all fitness levels. Our virtual class setup means you can use your own body weight for resistance, a chair for support and balance, and a mat for various core strengthening exercises. However, if you’re at a more advanced fitness level and don’t require the chair for balance, you can adjust the exercises to meet your needs.

Here are the key benefits you can expect from our Strength and Balance class:

  • Improved overall body strength
  • Enhanced static and dynamic balance
  • Core strengthening
  • Boosted confidence in movement and body awareness

Our Strength and Balance class is held online every Tuesday from 3:45 pm to 4:25 pm.
To join us, pre-register for the class at

For more information about this program, visit:

Step into a space of empowering movement and balance with GenPride. We can’t wait to welcome you to our online fitness community!

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