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Bisexual, Poly, and LGBT Friendly Apparel, Products, and Stories

After shopping for Pride 2014 and finding a very limited selection of bisexual pride items, I was inspired to create and sell my own bisexual pride designs. My partner and I started creating original designs and now, we're bringing them to you!

My mission is to raise awareness of the bisexual community. When I'm not designing gay pride apparel and accessories, I'm writing sex positive erotica on Kindle. Want to learn more about me? I'd love to connect with you on social media!

My Bisexual Experience

I came out to my parents as bisexual for the first time in 8th grade, and did it again as bisexual and polyamorous just last year. Being bisexual is an important part of my identity, so when I looked for a way to celebrate my sexuality, I was surprised and disappointed by the lack of options available online. Similarly, sex-positive representations of bisexuality and polyamory are almost nonexistent in erotic literature.

As a bi woman, I have been told "Oh hun, you're not bisexual - it's just a phase" and asked "You're in a relationship with a guy - does that mean you're straight now?" Bisexual erasure is a serious issue, from both straight and queer people, and sometimes even from within the bisexual community! When I started making my bi-pride and poly-pride shirts and selling them at Pride festivals, I was overwhelmed and so encouraged by the people who literally ran up to me so completely excited to see their sexuality represented. Representing the bi and poly communities in both my products and my writing is an honor.

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