Our Training Courses

Why is there a need for these kinds of trainings?

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual communities have historically faced unique challenges as highlighted through two University of Washington Longitudinal Studies.

Older LGBTQIA+ adults these days have lived through a lifetime of unique challenges. We have learned and shown that many people who work with older LGBTQIA+ adults can benefit from understanding the historical context of their experience. 

What is different about our training courses?

Our training is based upon multiple longitudinal studies, one nation-wide, two of which were local to King County. The studies released by principal researcher Karen Fredriksen-Goldsen and her team at UW highlighted the disparity in emotional and physical health and quality of life experienced by senior LGBTQIA+. Our training uses reviewed science and goes beyond mere information sharing.

The Generations Aging with Pride (GenPRIDE) training courses offer research, video presentations, and interactive group exercises that support different learning styles.

We offer multiple opportunities for participants to practice new skills, hone existing skills and teach the importance of the impact of language when working with the LGBTQIA+ population.

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Longitudinal Studies

The Evolution of Aging With Pride

National Health, Aging, and Sexuality/Gender Study:

Illuminating the Iridescent Life Course of LGBTQ Adults Aged 80 Years and Older in the United States

Aging with Pride: National Health, Aging, and Sexuality/Gender Study is the first federally funded study addressing aging among LGBTQ older adults throughout the United States.

View all the Aging with Pride publications by clicking here.

Local Study:

Aging in Community

AKA The Rainbow housing Report. Addressing LGBTQ Inequities in Housing and Senior Services.

Local Study:

At-Risk and Under served

LGBTQ Older Adults in Seattle/King County, Findings from Aging with Pride.

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Building Elder Care Equity — Creating a welcoming space for LGBTQ Elders

Target Audience: Staff who work with elders, administrative staff, board members, residents and volunteers. 


Our training can include the following, depending on the session type: 


  • PowerPoint presentation and personal stories about why the LGBTQIA+ community needs a different approach to participation at your facility, 

  • LGBTQIA+ Movie chronicling the experiences of 4 senior community members and their unique challenges as they face accessing assisted living and other health / medical services.

  • Strategies and exercises to identify potential changes to service delivery.

  • Learning Assessment. 


  • Question and Answer period 


  • Creating an action plan for your facility and staff, giving a roadmap to begin implementing changes. 


  • Educational breakout exercises that assist in understanding the challenges of LGBTQ elders.


LGBTQ Cultural Awareness Presentation— Creating Understanding and Awareness

Target Audience: Staff who work with elders, administrative staff, board members, residents and volunteers. 


Our 60 & 90 minute presentation includes the following: 


• PowerPoint presentation and personal stories about the challenges faced by elder LGBTQ people in traditional senior housing and accessing services.


• Question and Answer period 


• Learning Assessment 

Flexible Options

We can provide all the information and presentation materials in your offices to ensure a safe space and minimize workplace disruption. Our trainers are professional and often volunteers. Find out more about our trainers here.

Our Training Caters to Different Adult Learning Styles

Business Staff
Healthcare Workers
Service Providers
Volunteers + Residents

Our trainers are comfortable facilitating discussion in and outside of the medical community. Perfect for staff who work with elders, administrative staff, board members, residents and volunteers. 

Recent Training Feedback

I walked away with a different perspective, and felt comfortable asking questions...

11 JAN 2019

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Eliza Watkins

UW QMed Student

I thought you were going to come in 'wagging your finger', but it wasn't like that at all... 

15 DEC 2018

Simon Jonesy

Volunteer at Wallingford Senior Center

This was fun and insightful...

06 DEC 2018

Roberta Frinci

Husky Senior Center

Staff Training

We have a limited number of free LGBTQ Cultural Awareness Training opportunities for Housing and Healthcare Service Providers including businesses that serve the 50+ LGBTQ community within King county, please inquire today to get your facility staff and community trained by GenPRIDE!

GenPRIDE is grateful for the funding for LGBTQ Cultural Awareness Training by the City of Seattle.