Event Series Yoga and Stretching

Yoga and Stretching (online)


Experience with yoga or stretching is not required. This class is designed to be approachable by all populations, regardless of fitness level. Moves in class are broken down in a slow and manageable manner. The intention of the class is to move a little and have a lot of fun – even if you don’t perform each move perfectly. This class is recurring: Monday: 11am […]

Event Series Rainbow Elder Breakfast

Rainbow Elder Breakfast

Venue Changes Monthly

Our Rainbow Elders are cherished, and we believe that magical and meaningful connections can happen at any age. These breakfasts give LGBGTQ+ folks 50+ a chance to connect with each other, eat good food and enjoy a morning boost of community that the Eastside has been long overdue for. We meet on the first Saturday of month at different locations on the Eastside each month. […]

Event Series Strength & Balance (online)

Strength & Balance (online)


Join us for this 40-minute movement-based class that integrates full-body strength, balance, and core-strengthening exercises. Exercises will focus on strengthening the major muscle groups of the body in vertical and horizontal positions for strength and challenging our static and dynamic balance. In this virtually-taught class, we will use our own body weight using a chair for balance for support and a mat to aid various […]

Event Series Pride Parenting

Pride Parenting

TBD Each month we go somewhere different, Check out tinyurl.com/PrideParent to see where we are next!

This is a free space! Feel free to bring snacks to share. :) Join us at our monthly Pride Parenting Meetup, where love, joy, and family intertwine. We're dedicated to creating a supportive community for queer parents, fostering connections in delightful and relaxed settings. Together, we celebrate the unique journey of LGBTQ+ parents and the beautiful families they create. ​ In our warm and welcoming gatherings, […]


Queer the Sky

Skydive Snohomish 9906 Airport Way, Snohomish

It's Spring! Everyone is itching for more sun, and we're looking at the skies for our next LGBTQ+ skydive event in June with our group Queer the Sky! Our prospective jump date is June 18th, although it may change depending on folk's availability. Watch our awesome video from last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fnzCr2jHUY Check out our page for more info and to sign up: tinyurl.com/QtheSky


Tech Assistance Workshops & Coaching

12th Avenue Arts 1620 12th Ave, Seattle, WA

Technology Support and Coaching with Dr. John (in-person) WHERE: --> 1620 12th Ave Arts, #203 at GenPride Office WHEN: --> Tuesdays (2nd and 4th Tues) starting Tuesday March 21st | 30 min appts available between 9 am and 12:30 pm, drop-in session 1-3 pm. As technology changes it can be difficult to keep track of how to access needed services and connect with what is […]


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