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Edmonds, WA, USA, Washington state

Aging for Life was created to provide support for elders and the professionals and family members who care for them. We provide in-home or office based geriatric mental health assessments older adult counseling in office or residential setting WMHCA approved trainings for mental health clinicians, social workers and other interested healthcare professionals clinical supervision for mental health clinicians seeking licensure as social workers, mental health counselors or geriatric mental health specialists.

Therapy and medication management

Seattle, Washington state
(978) 226-3437‬

Your weird is welcome.

Heartfelt Mental Health provides telemed medication management and therapy services for the explorers and non-conformers. We focus on clients who are LGBTQIA+, kinky, polyamorous, sex positive, gender queer, drag, ace, demisexual and all those who explore outside the norm. We strive to provide our services in an informed, welcoming, safe and fun environment.

Our mental healthcare space is here to help you build the tools, resilience, and knowledge to grow and thrive. You deserve a team that is informed about who you are and the community you live in. We want to provide you with a partner in mental health, helping you handle the stresses of life, past traumas, finding who you are, where you belong, and anything life throws at you. We’re here to get through it together.

Nora Gibson

6555 Ravenna Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA, USA, Washington state 98115
(206) 224-3740

Nora Gibson works with Full Life Care as part of their contributions as a member of the Momentia Seattle Stewardship Team.

Nora Gibson

4712 35th Avenue South, Seattle, WA, USA, Washington state 98118
(206) 224-3740

Nora Gibson works with Full Life Care as part of their contributions as a member of the Momentia Seattle Stewardship Team.

Nora Gibson

7829 South 180th Street, Kent, WA, USA, Washington state 98032
(206) 224-3740

Nora Gibson works with Full Life Care as part of their contributions as a member of the Momentia Seattle Stewardship Team.

Emily Willet; MA, LMHC

400 S Jefferson St., Ste 451, Spokane, WA, Washington state 99204

Elk & Elk Co., Ltd

800 5th Avenue ste 3825, Seattle, WA 98104, USA 98204
(206) 257-2943

Elk & Elk Co., Ltd is a top-rated Seattle personal injury law firm. For over 5 decades our firm has been helping represent those in our community. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact us today. We are available 24/7.

Alzheimer’s Association – Washington State Chapter

635 Andover Park West, Tukwila, WA, USA, Suite 202, Washington state 98188

The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research. Our mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

Serving 46 counties in Washington and Northern Idaho, the Washington State Chapter is the premier Alzheimer's resource in the Pacific Northwest. With offices in Lynnwood, Tukwila, Spokane, Coeur d'Alene and Richland, you're never too far from the support we provide.

LGBTQIA2S+ and Transgender specialized counseling services

Teletherapy 98204

I offer specialized services to the LGBTQ2S+ community including letter writing in support of gender affirming medical and surgical care. I use research-based modalities to help you shape the change and growth you want to see, and I honor your pace as we approach and engage with the work.

I welcome your courage as you engage in the collaborative work we call therapy. I use a heart-centered, empathic, and humanistic approach, as we work together to support your healing journey.

LGBTQ2S+, Trans-positive, and Queer-identified therapist offering a complimentary 15-minute meet and greet to see if I’m a good fit for your needs and goals.

Cowlitz Tribal Health

15455 65th Avenue South, Tukwila, WA, USA, Washington state 98188
(206) 721-5170

It is the Mission of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, Health and Human Services Department to promote an optimal level of health and well-being for American Indians and Alaskan Natives by utilizing traditional, modern, and culturally sensitive medical and social service practices which create balance in the physical, mental, spiritual, and social components of life.

Cowlitz Tribal Health Seattle provides mental health counseling services to Alaska Native/Native American children, youth, families, adults, and those who are enrolled members or descendants of federally-recognized tribes. At this time, we are able to see First Nations members, state recognized tribal members, or self-attesting Native Americans with active Medicaid coverage. Our program seeks to provide culturally-grounded services that support community members on their path of healing. Providers in our program are masters level therapists who utilize traditional ways of knowing as well as mainstream practices to assist program participants in returning to emotional, physical, spiritual and social balance.

We accept many forms of commercial insurance as well as Medicaid and Medicare plans. Please contact us directly to discuss your current situation and we will explore how we can best serve you.

Community Peer Respite Planning Council

In times of crisis, individuals may feel alone or overwhelmed by their emotions, such as anxiety, panic, anger, fear, sadness, lack of control, and extreme experiences. At a peer respite people can turn crisis into wellness. With increased skills and peer support individuals may reduce or eliminate the effects of pressures that may cause overwhelming emotional distress. Community Peer Respite Planning Council os a grassroots, peer-led group developing and advocating for a peer respite in King County, WA.

A peer respite is a voluntary, short-term overnight program that provides non-clinical peer support for individuals to find understanding and ways to move through crises. Peer respite operates 24 hours a day in a home-like environment that has at a minimum, a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, living room space, and individual bedrooms. Peer respite serves individuals who are 18 years or older who are able to perform activities of daily living. A person interested in using the peer respite must self-refer, and people can leave the peer respite to go to work, appointments, meetings, etc. The peer respite is staffed 24/7 by individuals who have common life experiences with the people they are serving.

Community Peer Respite Values

  • Self-determination - We strive for individuals to make choices, achieve autonomy and be the expert of their wellness.
  • Mutuality - We support one another towards a common goal while respecting individuality and choice.
  • Respect - We embrace certain rights such as confidentiality. We recognize that respect may have different meanings and we appreciate those differences. We are aware that language matters. We appreciate this space and use it with care.
  • Wellness - We believe that wellness is defined individually and can be achieved with support and encouragement.
  • Community - We support individuals to seek out and make contact with others at the peer respite and within their community of choice as a way to find purpose and belonging.

Benefits of a Peer Respite

  • Provides peer support, which is affordable, effective and peer oriented.
  • Peer respites can prevent trauma that may occur with hospitalization: coercion, forced treatment, loss of dignity and loss of housing and employment in the community.
  • Peer respite is a community support.
  • Peer respite expands and diversifies available crisis services.
  • Peer respites can integrate emotional, spiritual, behavioral, and physical aspects of a person.


Find us on Facebook at "Community Peer Respite - King County". For more information, or to join the CPRP contact Cindy Olejar at


Catalyst Counseling PLLC, 135th Avenue Northeast, Woodinville, WA, USA, Washington state 98011

We face many transitions in our lives: coping with a sudden or chronic illness, adjusting to new parenthood, exploring sexual orientation and gender identity, finding new ways to communicate with loved ones, assisting aging parents as they need more care, and many others. There are many situations that can stretch our ability to manage in our world. With these changes we can feel stress and sorrow, but we can also find the opportunity to grow and find a new path. My role is to work with you to help you draw on your strengths and help you clarify your goals. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Social Worker in Gerontology.

Katherine Walter

CCS – Catholic Community Services African American Elders Program

100 23rd Avenue South, Seattle, WA, USA, Washington state 98144
(206) 328-5639

The African American Elders Program, run by Catholic Community Services, serve older B/AA who are home bound, hard to serve, low income, and have chronic and/or severe disabilities, living with dementia and related disorders, and are at high risk of premature institutionalization. The program specializes in providing culturally competent and sensitive care specific to B/AA that have lived in a high crime environment and with a lifetime battling discrimination and racism.

The Care Coordinators (CC's) are Master's-prepared Geriatric Social Workers who identify with the long-term effects of racism. They provide assistance to clients who have deficits of one activity of daily living (ADL) and/or two Instrumental (IADL's) deficits; and are unable to access services on their own; and do not have anyone to help them assess these services.

Care Coordination includes conducting a comprehensive assessment that focuses on cognitive and functional areas, evaluation of social circumstances, and resources. The assessment also includes medical diagnosis, nutritional concerns, emotional issues, medication management, safety, support, caregiver needs and continuous support with healthcare providers. This assessment leads to the development of a service plan and implementation. The care coordinators continue to follow-up and monitor the outcomes and status of the service plan for optimal outcomes and to amend service plans as needed.

Follow-up activities includes: home visits, telephone, and electronic communications with clients or their representatives.

Marigrace Becker

325 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA, USA, Washington state 98104
(206) 744-2017

Marigrace Becker works with the UW Medicine Memory & Brain Wellness Center as part of their contribution as a member of the Momentia Seattle Stewardship Team.

Open Doors for Multicultural Families

24437 Russell Road, Kent, WA, USA, Suite #110, Washington state 98032
(253) 216-4479

Open Doors for Multicultural Families (Open Doors or ODMF) provides culturally and linguistically relevant information, services, and programming to culturally and linguistically diverse families of persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The families we serve are often immigrants, refugees, and/or people of color. We accomplish this using a “cultural brokering” model. Our staff come from the same culture and speak the same language as the families they serve, and so are able to communicate with the family in their own language, and in a way that will make sense within their cultural context. Additionally, these staff are knowledgeable of disabilities services, Special Education, and other mainstream social services, and to bridge the gap between the families we serve and the services they need. Currently, our bilingual/bicultural Family Support Staff provide services in English, Spanish, Somali, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Khmer.

Colburn Law

22500 SE 64TH PLACE #200, 98027 98027

Greg Colburn is a dedicated and caring elder abuse and nursing home abuse attorney in Seattle. If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of abuse or neglect in a Washington state nursing home, it is important to speak with an attorney with extensive knowledge of nursing home abuse and neglect claims as soon as possible.

At Colburn Law, we offer a free and confidential consultation. You don't have to pay any fees unless we recover compensation for you or a loved one.

Call Colburn Law today: (206) 919-3215



Silver Kite Community Arts, Aurora Avenue North, Seattle, WA, USA, .4000 Aurora Avenue North, Suite 111, Washington state 98103

We offer arts workshops to senior living communities, senior centers, libraries, and other organizations working with older adults in the community.

We partner with organizations to design and facilitate intergenerational programs which use the arts as a tool for connection, communication, and understanding.

Our work has been recognized by local and national organizations for its innovations and its ability to bring smiles to faces young and old.

Silver Kite received the Intergenerational Innovation Award from Generations United at their biennial global conference in June 2019.

We offer our programs in the Puget Sound region of Washington State.  For those outside of our service area, we offer professional development, webinars, and consulting services to help communities and organizations to develop the skills to develop arts that change lives.

Momentia Seattle

Momentia is a grassroots movement empowering persons living with memory loss and their loved ones to remain connected and active in the community. The Puget Sound region is home to a variety of dementia-friendly opportunities offered by a growing number of community members and organizations.

Visit Momentia's website for information about programs and upcoming events.

Innovations in Dementia Empowerment and Action (IDEA project)

Washington state

This 6-week exercise and problem-solving program is designed to improve well-being and physical health for LGBTQ people experiencing memory loss with a friend, partner or caregiver.

National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

305 7th Avenue, New York, NY, USA, 6th Floor, New York 10001

The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging is the country's first and only technical assistance resource center aimed at improving the quality of services and supports offered to lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender older adults. Established in 2010 through a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging provides training, technical assistance and educational resources to aging providers, LGBT organizations and LGBT older adults. The center is led by SAGE, in collaboration with 18 leading organizations from around the country.

Kristian Martinez; M.ED., ED.S., LMHCA, NCC

Pacific Northwell, 509 Olive Way, Suite 1101, Seattle WA 98101

LGBT-related therapy services.

Nora Gibson

6555 Ravenna Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA, USA, Washington state 98115
4712 35th Avenue South, Seattle, WA, USA, Washington state 98118
7829 South 180th Street, Kent, WA, USA, Washington state 98032


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