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In times of crisis, individuals may feel alone or overwhelmed by their emotions, such as anxiety, panic, anger, fear, sadness, lack of control, and extreme experiences. At a peer respite people can turn crisis into wellness. With increased skills and peer support individuals may reduce or eliminate the effects of pressures that may cause overwhelming emotional distress. Community Peer Respite Planning Council os a grassroots, peer-led group developing and advocating for a peer respite in King County, WA.

A peer respite is a voluntary, short-term overnight program that provides non-clinical peer support for individuals to find understanding and ways to move through crises. Peer respite operates 24 hours a day in a home-like environment that has at a minimum, a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, living room space, and individual bedrooms. Peer respite serves individuals who are 18 years or older who are able to perform activities of daily living. A person interested in using the peer respite must self-refer, and people can leave the peer respite to go to work, appointments, meetings, etc. The peer respite is staffed 24/7 by individuals who have common life experiences with the people they are serving.

Community Peer Respite Values

Self-determination - We strive for individuals to make choices, achieve autonomy and be the expert of their wellness. Mutuality - We support one another towards a common goal while respecting individuality and choice. Respect - We embrace certain rights such as confidentiality. We recognize that respect may have different meanings and we appreciate those differences. We are aware that language matters. We appreciate this space and use it with care. Wellness - We believe that wellness is defined individually and can be achieved with support and encouragement. Community - We support individuals to seek out and make contact with others at the peer respite and within their community of choice as a way to find purpose and belonging.

Benefits of a Peer Respite

Provides peer support, which is affordable, effective and peer oriented. Peer respites can prevent trauma that may occur with hospitalization: coercion, forced treatment, loss of dignity and loss of housing and employment in the community. Peer respite is a community support. Peer respite expands and diversifies available crisis services. Peer respites can integrate emotional, spiritual, behavioral, and physical aspects of a person.


Peer Respites Action and Evaluation http://power2u.org Peer Respite Handbook: Guide to Understanding, Building and Supporting Peer Respites Intentional Peer Support

Find us on Facebook at "Community Peer Respite - King County". For more information, or to join the CPRP contact Cindy Olejar at cindyolejar@yahoo.com

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Intended Age Group: 18+

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