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The DeafBlind Service Center (DBSC) is committed to assisting deaf-blind people in reaching and maintaining their highest possible quality of life and degree of personal autonomy. We believe communication is one of the core barriers deaf-blind people face in obtaining quality services. We provide opportunities for deafb-lind people to receive the information they need in order to understand their available options and make educated decisions. At DBSC, high-quality communication is ensured in the following ways:

ul {font-size: 18px;} All information is provided in the desired communication mode of the person being served – whether that be Braille, close vision, or tactile sign language. Our staff possesses the complimentary set of language and communication skills to meet the broadest possible spectrum of language and communication needs. We obtain qualified interpreters for large meetings or when the communication needs of the deafblind person cannot be met using DBSC’s in-house resources. We conduct all advocacy and case planning with the fullest possible participation of the deafblind individual.
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