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  • Powerful Tools for Caregiving Class
  • LGBTQIA+ Support Group for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregivers
  • Art in the Park: Free Outdoor Watercolor Workshop
  • Covid-19 resources available through GenPride
  • Transgender Legal Clinic through QLaw
  • Low-Income Energy Assistance Program
  • GenPride Qigong starts summer session July 22
  • Check-Out GenPride’s Community Event Calendar
  • Yoga & Stretching
  • Strength & Balance
  • Subscribe to the Pride Place Newsletter

Powerful Tools for Caregiving Class

Are you caring for a loved one with significant health issues? 

GenPride is offering a Powerful Tools for Caregivers class, starting August 17th. This 6-week class is designed to help caregivers grow their skills to take better care of themselves, access the resources that they need, and connect with other caregivers in our community. 

This has been a very challenging time for all of us. We know that for many caregivers, it has been especially stressful and isolating, having to find ways to continue to care for your loved one through a pandemic without access to many of the resources and support systems that existed before.  

If you are caring for someone and are interested in the Powerful Tools for Caregivers class or would like to learn about other forms of caregiver support, please reach out to Claudine Wallace, GenPride Social Worker and co-instructor of the class at claudine@genprideseattle.org or 206-800-1221   

    “It was so comforting to be in a class with members of our own     community who are also caring for loved ones, and to focus on our     own self-care, something we often neglect.” – Past participant 

This six-week class series gives you the confidence and support to better care for your loved one – and yourself. 

  • Wednesdays from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm    
  • Class dates: 8/10 (orientation), 8/17, 8/24, 8/31, 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28 (optional) 
  • Virtual online-class, zoom platform (technological assistance if needed) 

To register, contact claudine@genprideseattle.org, or call (206) 800-1221.

Wednesdays: Aug 17, 24, & 31; Sep 7, 14, 21

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

GenPride Strength & Balance Class

LGBTQIA+ Support Group for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregivers

In partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association – Washington State chapter, GenPride is offering a free LGBTQIA+ affirming monthly support group for caregivers and folks living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

This free online support group meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:30 – 8:00 pm. This month the meeting will be on Tuesday July 19th.

To register or learn more, contact the facilitators:

Lionel Wang – 206.854.4700 | lionel.s.wang@gmail.com

Tiffany Suscheck – 614.719.9692 | tiffany@suscheck.com


Art in the Parks: Outdoor Watercolor Workshop

Join other older adults for a free, 3-week, outdoor painting workshop, with GenPride and Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Rainbow Recreation!

Explore watercolor as a medium to bring color, life, and feeling into every painting, while focusing on the little things that provide meaning and delight. Take time to notice what is beautiful and brings you strength.

Register for this free workshop below, then bring to the first session your curiosity and an idea of a meaningful object to paint. No previous arts experience needed! Art supplies provided. Care partners are welcome to register and attend.

Three Tuesdays: Aug 2, 9, and 16

10:00 am – 12 pm

Meet at Judkins Park, Seattle

GenPride Strength & Balance Class

COVID Resources Available

COVID-19 is still in our community and we support everyone taking precautions to stay safe and support our community health.  

GenPride is proud to assist and can provide you with free KN95 Masks, blue surgical masks, COVID rapid tests, hand sanitizer, and sanitation wipes. Masks and tests will be sent by U.S. Postal Service. Sanitizer and wipes can be picked up for free at GenPride’s Capitol Hill office, by appointment.

We are offering packs of items. If you need more than the quantities listed below, please contact us at: info@genprideseattle.org

Request Form for COVID Personal Protective Equipment: https://genprideseattle.org/pper/ 

Masks: Blue Surgical Mask – Quantity 10 

Masks: KN95 – Quantity 5 

COVID Rapid Tests – Quantity 2 

Hand Sanitizer – Quantity 2 **Pick-up ONLY 

Sanitation Wipes – Quantity 2 **Pick-up ONLY 

Distribution Timetable: 

  • Mailings go out every Thursday 
  • Pick-up is available on Thursdays by appointment only 

For more information, contact GenPride office: (206) 800-2019


Transgender Legal Clinic

The QLaw Foundation LGBTQ+ Legal Clinic is organized by the QLaw Foundation and is one of the King County Bar Association’s Neighborhood Legal Clinics. The Trans Legal Clinic offers a free consultation with a volunteer attorney. Attorneys determine whether the client has a legal problem, suggest possible options, and provide appropriate referrals. These attorneys will not represent you in court. 

Our Mission 

The QLaw Foundation of Washington promotes the dignity and respect of LGBTQ+ Washingtonians within the legal system through advocacy, education, and legal assistance. 

Our Vision 

A world in which no LGBTQ+ person will face additional barriers to authentic living, access to justice, or equality before the law because of their queer identity. 

Next QLAW (online) Legal Clinic is Tuesday July 26th at 7 pm.

What to Expect: The zoom room will open at 7pm. Once an individual enters, a clinic assistant will greet them and place them in a breakout room for a free legal consult with one of our volunteer attorneys. Consults will be up to 30 minutes and on a first come, first served basis. For folks who can’t be seen at the clinic, a follow up consultation can be arranged. 

The Trans Legal Clinic will be staffed by specifically chosen volunteer QLaw attorneys who are well experienced in supporting transgender individuals with their legal needs. We also want to note that we aren’t going to grill anyone about their gender identity and trust that community comes to us as they see best fit. 

If people have questions, please contact clinic@qlawfoundation.org


Low-Income Energy Assistance Offers Air Conditioning Units

Did you receive assistance through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) this year? If so, you may be eligible for a free stand-alone AC unit to help cool your home this summer.  

If you did not receive assistance through LIHEAP, but your income is $1,610/month or less ($2,178/month for a household of two), you may still be eligible to apply.  

Contact our social worker, Claudine Wallace at claudine@genprideseattle.org or 206-800-1221 for more information or help with these applications. 

LIHEAP is a federal energy assistance program that helps households pay for electric, gas, wood, propane and oil heating. Starting this year, the LIHEAP program in Washington is also able to help purchase AC units. Depending on where you live in King County, LIHEAP is administered through different community-based organizations: Byrd Barr Place, Multi-Service Center, and Hopelink.  

For more information on the LIHEAP program, visit: https://www.commerce.wa.gov/growing-the-economy/energy/low-income-home-energy-assistance/


GenPride starts a new summer series of QiGong on Friday, July 22!

Join instructor Kimberly Ivy, founder of Seattle’s Embrace the Moon Tai Chi and Qigong for a free, 6-week Qigong course. Qigong is a contemplative movement system that is one of the main branches of Chinese Medicine. There are many variations of Qigong and you’ve likely seen several of them being practiced in the parks or online.  

No matter the method variety, all Qigong is a health system that helps us to understand Yin/Yang philosophy, meditation, breath, and movement. All these beautiful flows harmonize the body, mind, and spirit with nature and provide many health benefits. In just a short time of practice, you’ll feel better all-around!  

This course will cover fundamental methods of breathing, movement, and concentration. Between classes, you can practice with a video recording of that week’s session. All ages and fitness levels are welcome!

Fridays, 10:30 – 11:30 am

July 22 through Aug 26


Check Out GenPride’s Calendar!

Stay connected with all the events for our community, large and small, through GenPride’s Event Calendar. We list not only GenPride programs, but also lots of events and activities by other organizations as well.

Just browse to our website, click Programs at the top of the page, then click GenPride Event Calendar.

Plus, if you know of an upcoming event or gathering that would interest LGBTQIA+ older adults and allies, let us know! Just scroll to the very bottom of the calendar page and click on:

Add an event to our community event calendar!

Stay connected and help others do the same, through the GenPride Event Calendar!

GenPride Yoga Class

Yoga & Stretching

Experience with yoga or stretching is not required. This class is designed to be approachable by all populations, regardless of fitness level. Moves in class are broken down in a slow and manageable manner.

The intention of the class is to move a little and have a lot of fun – even if you don’t perform each move perfectly.

Mondays, 11 am – 12 pm

Wednesdays, 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Fridays, 3:30 – 4:30 pm

GenPride Strength & Balance Class

Strength & Balance

Join us for this 40-minute movement-based class that integrates full-body strength, balance, and core-strengthening exercises.

Exercises will focus on strengthening the major muscle groups of the body in vertical and horizontal positions for strength and challenging our static and dynamic balance.

In this virtually taught class, we will use our own body weight using a chair for balance for support and a mat to aid various core strengthening exercises.

Tuesdays, 3:45 – 4:25 pm


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Dedicated Pride Place Application Phone Line Opens - CALL NOW

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If you have not yet, please consider submitting demographic information!

It’s completely optional and all information is used for city and county reporting metrics. Demographic information assists us in understanding the diversity and when creating programming to better serve community like you.

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