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Hello everyone, this is Dr. John checking in to assist you with your technology needs.   For your Pride Place application, you may consider uploading your documents online to avoid delays in the process. To get digital versions of your documents you can either: Download the documents directly
Here’s the message from Community Roots Housing on what you need to know:•    If you called the Pride Place call center at (206) 347-1500 but were unable to get connected to a representative, please call that number again and give a representative your name and phone number.
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GenPride is thrilled to see the construction move forward on Pride Place, where we’re partnering with Community Roots Housing to be the bottom floor community center and service provider! Watch our progress video to see the exciting developments of the past few months: …

Community Roots Housing Pride Place Application Phone Line

Monday - Friday | 7 am - 10 pm

(206) 347-1500

Dedicated Pride Place Application Phone Line - CALL NOW

Live agents are ready to take your call.

Dedicated Pride Place Application Phone Line Opens - CALL NOW

Live agents are ready to take your call.

The call center for Pride Place applications opened June 15, at 9 am. 

GenPride and Community Roots Housing know there was some confusion and difficulties as calls began to come in. Community Roots Housing has provided a statement: Please click HERE to see what you need to know.

If you need assistance during the process or with eligibility information, GenPride is available at: (206) 393-3400 or email


If you have not yet, please consider submitting demographic information!

It’s completely optional and all information is used for city and county reporting metrics. Demographic information assists us in understanding the diversity and when creating programming to better serve community like you.

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