It’s time to submit your nomination for the 2024 GenPride Pillars of Pride Awards! 

This year, we have six separate award

categories that aim to reflect the breadth of love, creativity, and

initiative that exists in the LGBTQ+ elder community.

Volunteer Virtuoso

Building Belonging

Iconic Artistry

Rainbow Partnership

Bridging Legacies

Community Catalyst. 

Nominees must identify as LGBTQ+, be 55 or older, reside in King County, and able to attend the brunch on April 28, 2024. 

Honorees will be from all walks of life, from

across the LGBTQ+ spectrum, socioeconomic backgrounds, races and

national origins. They will be elders who have paved the way for others

to live more justly, to see themselves reflected

in initiatives, in social causes, in the arts, in friends and chosen

families, and in the organizations and collectives that serve them. 

The descriptions for each award is in the nomination form. 


We look forward to gathering with you again to honor and celebrate the elders of our LGBTQ+ community!


Deadline for submissions is 3/24/2024.


If you have not yet, please consider submitting demographic information!

It’s completely optional and all information is used for city and county reporting metrics. Demographic information assists us in understanding the diversity and when creating programming to better serve community like you.

This LGBTQ+ Senior has given countless hours of their time to the LGBT+ community at large. They are very attuned to the needs of others and have offered up their help to others, often without being asked to do so. They might have volunteered extensively with an organization or a group, and if there is an event for the queer community you can almost guarantee to find them helping there.

This nominee is an LGBTQ+ senior who has been involved with younger generations of LGBTQ+ folks, either formally or informally. They have formed relationships of guidance and mentorship with young queer people and have been actively seeking to inspire and empower young queer and trans people to see themselves in an older queer person. Younger people have learned from them about the experience

An LGBTQ+ elder in the community who has made art central to their life and the way they express their truest LGBTQ+ self. They have shown a continued passion and dedication to their art. This is a person that has been sharing their work formally or informally, through any medium. They might be a painter, a writer, a dancer, a poet, an actor, etc.

This is an LGBT+ senior who has a hunger for connecting with community, and LGBTQ+ seniors in particular. They make it their mission to be the person who knows everybody! They are never one to shy away from introducing themselves to a stranger or being that friendly face that can change a newcomer’s first experience somewhere. They are the glue that holds their big queer family together and are always looking for ways to gather people. Be it for food, music, social causes, or just for fun, they aim to make sure their people are not isolated and have a chance to connect with their peers.

This could be an organization or an independent group that has prioritized the needs of rainbow elders in their work. They have uplifted the community by providing direct services, like food, clothing, housing, and transportation, or they have supported the thriving of the LGBTQ+ elders in their pursuit of community, self-expression, and physical health. What makes this group unique is that they are for the community, by the community.

This is an LGBTQ+ elder who has dedicated their life to challenging the status quo and championing radical change within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. They have been fearless in their pursuit of justice, channeling anger into activism/action and setbacks as opportunities for pushing away social barriers.