Housing update 3

Housing update 3

Now that the LGBTQ-Affirming Senior Housing project has received funding commitments from the city, county, and state, the project team is advancing into the next phase of design work for the project and initiating the entitlements process to obtain all necessary land use and building approvals with the city. 

We are currently working to optimize the design of the GenPRIDE senior community center to provide additional floor area and an enhanced connection to Broadway, and we’ve assembled a team of engineers to begin designing the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing elements of the building. The project team is also focusing on making the building green and energy-efficient, including solar panels on the roof. 

The design and entitlements process is expected to progress through late 2020 with an anticipated construction start in early 2021 and completion in 2022. 

Community members are encouraged to submit comments by sending an email to 1515Broadway@capitolhillhousing.org

Stay tuned!

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