GenPride Advisory Circle (GPAC) 

Thank you for considering a role in our new board-level committee. Below you will find more information about the GPAC, and the application process.  


The GenPride Advisory Circle (GPAC) is established to advise the GenPride organization in their efforts to create an inclusive LGBTQIA+ senior community center located in Pride Place.    

The specific purposes of the GPAC may include the following responsibilities: 

  • Provide advice and guidance to GenPride related to the apartment applicant outreach and continuing operation of the senior community center in Pride Place. 
  • Provide leadership and facilitate cooperation and communication between GenPride and the larger community 
  • Offer recommendations for improvement 
  • Assist the program in setting priorities, including participating in ongoing planning activities of the organization 
  • Being a champion of GenPride and its mission 
  • Support and advocate for the senior community center by helping to raise the GenPride profile and visibility within BIPOC and diverse communities 

GPAC members' commitments: 

  • Work collaboratively with GenPride on opening of the senior community center in Pride Place. 
  • Provide advice, experience, and perspectives on social, economic, and racial equity, and assist in identifying best practices for improving and expanding equity to inform how we operate. 
  • Recommend best practices and actively support community outreach planning and engagement. 
  • Be available to participate in GPAC meetings and meetings with the GenPride board and staff. 
  • Highlight concerns or observations around equity issues from their point of view as insights for GenPride to consider and to address as appropriate. 
  • Other duties as assigned. 

Application for GenPride Advisory Circle.

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Community Roots Housing Pride Place Application Phone Line

Monday - Friday | 7 am - 10 pm

(206) 347-1500

Dedicated Pride Place Application Phone Line - CALL NOW

Live agents are ready to take your call.

Dedicated Pride Place Application Phone Line Opens - CALL NOW

Live agents are ready to take your call.

The call center for Pride Place applications opened June 15, at 9 am. 

GenPride and Community Roots Housing know there was some confusion and difficulties as calls began to come in. Community Roots Housing has provided a statement: Please click HERE to see what you need to know.

If you need assistance during the process or with eligibility information, GenPride is available at: (206) 393-3400 or email


If you have not yet, please consider submitting demographic information!

It’s completely optional and all information is used for city and county reporting metrics. Demographic information assists us in understanding the diversity and when creating programming to better serve community like you.

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