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If you have a story you need to write, we want to help.

In this workshop, Memoir Author and Writing Coach Ingrid Ricks will help you identify and structure the personal story you need to tell — and then teach you the six proven narrative writing techniques to bring your story to life. She will also provide one-on-one coaching to ensure you get your story to the finish line.

You Will Learn:

  • How to write your story in a compelling way.
  • How to develop your characters.
  • The secrets to effective dialogue.
  • How to bring your thoughts and emotions to life.
  • Tips for how to show vs. tell your story.
  • How to write openings that grab readers' attention.
  • How to write an active setting. 

Class Schedule & Format:

Frequency | Every second Saturday

Time | 10 am to 4 pm

Each class will feature a two-hour group craft workshop, followed by four hours of writing/personal coaching. *The last session will end with an author reading/celebration

Workshop Schedule

10 am  –  Noon: 
Group Craft session with Ingrid - Craft sessions will teach you:  

How to compose dialogue and when to use it.  

How to create emotional sequences that engage the reader 

How to determine what parts of your story to use and what not to include. 

Writing tips and tricks used by the experts!  

Noon – 4 pm: 
Personal coaching sessions with Ingrid

Get one-on-one coaching from Ingrid to hone your story and keep you on track

"Ingrid Ricks is a gifted teacher, writing coach and group facilitator. She has amazing abilities to help individuals get deeper into their material and is supportive, generous with her time and frequently inspiring.

I have loved the class I took through Generations Aging with Pride and am grateful that it is continuing. "

 – Amy Rubin 

"Thanks to this workshop, I am gaining the confidence and skills to tell my story and know that it is indeed worth telling. "

 – Kevin Patz 

"I love the GenPride writing days with Ingrid Ricks! I’m learning more about writing and about myself and connecting with others and their stories strengthens me. Thanks GenPride!"

 – Mary Edwards  

About Ingrid Ricks 

Ingrid Ricks, an NYT-bestselling memoir author who recently lost her eyesight to a rare blinding eye disease, is using the power of story to inspire and help audiences everywhere harness their adversity, tap into the power of now and fundamentally rethink their views and definition of disabilities. 

Drawing on her own stories of struggle ranging from trauma in childhood to cancer and now blindness as an adult, Ricks drives home powerful messages of resilience and hope. Then, turning the power of story inward, she challenges audiences across the business, government and education sectors to turn their adversity into an asset that helps others, strip fear of its power and fully embrace the Now.

She also uses her journey with her blinding eye disease and the obstacles she has faced to spotlight ingrained prejudices and their devastating impact on people dealing with challenges that have been shoved under the disabilities label. Ricks, who views personal storytelling as the key to fostering understanding, empathy and unity, also regularly presents keynote addresses and workshops on the power of personal storytelling to educators, youth workers and students.

Her books include the NYT-bestselling memoir, Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story, and Focus, a memoir about her journey with her blinding eye disease. She has also ghostwritten several memoirs and has published seven anthologies in partnership with high schools in Utah and Washington State. For more information, please visit www.ingridricks.com