The Lavender Palette – GenPRIDE Field Trip

The Lavender Palette – GenPRIDE Field Trip

We had a great turnout of 39 GenPRIDE elders and friends for our field trip to The Lavender Palette, an art exhibit of Washington state’s gay and lesbian artists active from 1910 through 1970, offered at the Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds, WA.

The curator of the exhibit, David Martin, gave us a guided tour through the galleries, revealing many personal stories and context about each artist, their lives and work. These personal details about the artists drove home how courageous and innovative they were, and how they managed to survive in a less-welcoming era when discrimination was widespread and same-sex trysts were illegal.

Though the full exhibit closed at the end of January, you can still see selected pieces in a continuing exhibit at Cascadia Art Museum. This subset will be on display until the publication of the exhibit’s companion book, sometime this spring.

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