Temporary Office Closure and Public Health Update

Temporary Office Closure and Public Health Update

GenPRIDE is monitoring the development and information regarding Coronavirus and CDC announcements. Our office has temporarily closed to the public through Monday 3/16/2020 and we will update if our public office closure extends past that date. We will continue to monitor information and announcements and hope to be open to the public again soon. Please click this link to read more. 
Additionally, Seattle Parks and Recreation made the decision to cancel all senior programs (Lifelong Recreation) through March 21. As that date nears, we will make a determination on future programs (our Spring Quarter begins on April 6). All of our staff continue to work remotely, so please don’t hesitate to email questions to info@genprideseattle.org or call our office at 206-393-3400.

Our office location has moved into the 12th Avenue Arts building on the second floor. When we open to the public again, you can visit us at 1620 12th Ave Suite 203 Seattle, WA 98122. [Link to Google Maps]
The second floor is accessible from elevators and stairs in the lobby.

Here are some actions to keep in mind:

  • #1 Wash hands! – Whenever you’re in public, and as soon as you walk in the door at home. Vigorously, 20 secs or more, soap & water.
  • #2 Stay home if you’re feeling sick, even a little bit. If you live with others, recuperate in one room, with one designated caregiver.
  • #3 Stay away from crowds & groups, as much as you can. (10+ people)
  • If you still work, can you work from home? If not, can you shift your work to a role with less in-person contact with the public?
    If you’re retired, can you work around the home: cleaning projects, spring sorting & cleaning, home crafts, reading, binge TV, gardening, decorating, etc.
  • The phone is 100% safe. Keep in contact with friends & family via phone and online. Stay social, even if you stay home.
  • Stock up! 30-days of medicines, 2-weeks of food & household essentials. Use online & delivery services, if you can. 
    Ask neighbors & friends to pick up a few items for you when they shop.
  • Line up some help now: neighbors, younger friends & family, just in case you need help later.
  • It might get emotional. It’s okay to be afraid or sad & talk it through. This might trigger memories from the AIDS Crisis era.
  • Why it’s important to take steps now:
    • elders are 2x as likely to have a severe case of Covid-19, compared to younger adults who may have milder symptoms.
    • Seattle area is a known virus hotspot.
    • Staying home reduces your risk of illness and the excess load it would place on healthcare facilities. It helps both the community and you.

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