Lavender Rights Project Workshops

Join Lavender Rights Project for a free 4 week workshop sharing skills and info to build your own estate plan!At each workshop we will discuss different estate planning documents, all that goes into it, and what are the important LGBTQ+ intersections for each issue. Attendees will be provided with sample documents and troubleshooting support during each workshop.

November 7 from 6 pm – 7 pm

Wills and Funeral Arrangements:

We will cover simple wills, funeral instructions and funeral planning issues. We will address issues of who can help manage your estate, who you leave your assets to, how to distribute assets and how to properly word and execute your will. Sample Wills and funeral instructions documents will be provided.

November 21 from 6 pm – 7 pm

Powers of Attorney: We will cover Power of Attorney documents for finances and health. We will discuss how to assign agents, what the agents rights are, how and where to use the documents, and how to properly craft the forms. Sample Power of Attorney forms will be provided.

December 5 from 6 pm – 7 pm

Living Wills aka Health Care Directive: At this workshop we will discuss Health Care

Directives and all the values decisions that folks must consider for health care decisions. We will address what the documents must include, what they can include and what they should include. Sample Directives will be provided.

December 19 from 6 pm – 7 pm

At the final workshop we will cover the odds and ends of estate planning that may be helpful to folks. We will discuss each of the following issues briefly: trusts, guardianships, deeds, joint tenancy and other relevant issues that would be helpful to the group.”

Lavender Rights Project advances a more just and equitable society by providing low-cost civil legal services and community education centered in values of social justice for trans and queer low-income people and other marginalized communities. Through direct representation and community engagement, our by-and-for services aim to radically re-imagine the legal landscape for LGBTQ+ people while building community resilience, encouraging self-advocacy, and asserting the rights of marginalized populations. www.lavenderrightsproject.org

For more information about the services offered by the Lavender Rights Project, visit their ‘What We Do‘ page or browse upcoming community events on their ‘Events‘ page.

Legal Practices

Lavender Rights Project specializes in direct legal services to members of the trans and queer community, including anti-discrimination, wills and estate management, family law, dependency, and all trans / transition-related legal matters. 


This work is too big to do alone; therefore, the Lavender Rights Project has made coalition-building a central part of our efforts as we actively collaborate with referral / resource partners, community coalition partners, and collaborative program partners in order to effectively serve the intersectional realities of our clients.

Know Your Rights Clinics

By providing programming and educational opportunities, the Lavender Rights Project aims to create trans and queer community resiliency through increasing community knowledge, skills, access to, and resources about legal rights.


Due to the recognized need for trans- and queer-competent mediators, the Lavender Rights Project’s services have expanded to include mediation for a variety of conflicts, such as employment law, family law, and public accommodations discrimination.

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