Generations Aging with Pride, a nonprofit organization, is offering important new opportunities to develop and test multi-generational solutions to the challenges facing LGBTQ midlife and older adults, building on the many strengths across the generations. Utilizing research findings from Caring and Aging with Pride and Aging with Pride. 


Generations Aging with Pride is assessing needs and designing trainings and services for LGBTQ people, their families and communities. The goal of this partnership is to develop and test the first evidence-based trainings for providers of care to LGBTQ older adults and their families. In addition, the organization is partnering with local organizations to create evidence-based cross generational support programming that will help reduce isolation of LGBTQ older adults and enhance their success as they age-in-community. This project is funded by the City of Seattle.

Until last year, Seattle/King County was one of just a handful of major metropolitan regions to have no agency or non-profit organization providing programs and services to LGBTQ older adults.  

A grassroots movement and research from the University of Washington- School of Social Work helped found Generations Aging with Pride (originally, Generations with Pride) in November, 2015. 

A Town Hall meeting with over 100 LGBTQ older adults present and a series of community meetings and focus groups identified the challenges of LGBTQ aging in Seattle/King County. Among these were high rates of poverty, inadequate housing, victimization and lack of access to services. 

A group of over 20 LGBTQ leaders and service providers testified to the need for programs targeted to the LGBTQ senior population and a report that detailed life and health disparities was presented to the Seattle City Council in October, 2015. 

These efforts were successful and the group of activists, Advisory Committee members and Councilman Rasmussen secured funding to create Generations Aging with Pride. 

While a new organization, we have partnered with trusted organizations within the LGBTQ community , as well as professional aging service providers including Aging Disability Services and Seattle Parks & Recreation: Lifelong Recreation.

We currently offer classes to reduce isolation, improve wellness and support social networks, provide evidence-based training to help providers work more competently with LGBTQ older adults and are developing a resource directory that will offer information and referrals to individual LGBTQ older adults, their families and caregivers.

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